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The Inside Scoop on Endodontics in Midtown New York

Endodontics: From the Greek = Endo- “inside” and odont- “tooth.”
Young woman smiling because her smile is complete thanks to endodontic treatments.

What are Endodontics?

This advanced dental treatment concerns the study and treatment of dental pulp, which is found in your teeth. An endodontist is a specialist at saving teeth and uses modern techniques to help maintain your natural smile. The most common endodontic procedures are diagnosing tooth pain and root canal therapy.

Normally, you would need to travel to find an endodontist, but that’s not the case at Midtown Dental Excellence! We’re thankful to have Dr. Marsheh as a part of our massive team of specialists.

With his expertise training, he’s able to provide multiple endodontic treatments:

  • Root canals
  • Endodontic retreatment
  • Endodontic surgery
  • Traumatic dental injuries

Meet Dr. Firas Marsheh

Your New York endodontist and root canal therapy expert.

This is Dr. Firas Marsheh who is an endodontist in Midtown NYC at Midtown Dental Excellence.

“I aim to reduce the anxiety and stress that accompany an endodontic treatment experience and provide each patient with care, comfort, and knowledge before treatment.”

Dr. Firas Marsheh

To qualify as an endodontist, Dr. Marsheh completed two additional years of education and is one of only 3% of dentists to hold this role. Dr. Marsheh focuses on root canal therapy, retreatment, microsurgical endodontics, and traumatic injuries to teeth requiring endodontics. In short, your endodontist does it all!

Under Dr. Marsheh’s care, we can save your smile.

If you’re experiencing extreme tooth pain, have severe teeth sensitivity, or experienced a traumatic accident, you may be in need of our endodontic services. There is the stigma these procedures (ie, Root Canals) are extremely painful. That is not the case! Instead, Dr. Marsheh will make sure you’re comfortable throughout the entire process. Plus, you’re looking at the many long-term benefits. This service can:

  • Save your natural tooth
  • Get you out of pain
  • Save you time and money from other extensive dental work

Endodontics Can Save Your Natural Teeth

With Dr. Marsheh's expertise, he can help with these services:
  • Root Canals

    Depending on the type of injury, level of infection, and previous treatment, your endodontist will provide one of the following procedures:

    • Root Canal Therapy
    • Endodontic Retreatment
    • Apicoectomy
    • Endodontic Surgery

    The majority of cases result in a root canal. But what is involved? Let’s look at the treatment, step-by-step:

    • Diagnose the need for a root canal using the latest technology
    • Go inside the pulp space (canal) and remove the infected, dead tissue
    • The space is then disinfected and sealed with a special material
    • A crown is placed to safeguard the tooth

    Using modern endodontics in New York provides a faster, less painful, and more comfortable treatment. It also produces reliable and satisfying results for our patients.

  • Endodontic Retreatment
    Root canals have a success rate of 92% and can last a really long time. However, when a root canal fails to heal properly or undergoes a traumatic injury, endodontic retreatment is needed. It involves ‘retreating’ the tooth to prevent a failed, diseased tooth.

    To save the tooth, Dr. Marsheh will remove all the material used from the previous treatment, clean the canals, get rid of any infection, and refill it with new filling materials. Once healed, he’ll place a dental crown to restore your tooth’s function and beauty.

  • Endodontic Surgery
    Endodontic surgery is needed when a root canal is not enough to save your natural teeth. With our endodontist’s training and our use of digital technology, you can trust your smile under our comprehensive care. There’s a wide range of endodontic surgery Dr. Marsheh can perform, including apicoectomy and replantation.

    • Apicoectomy: This service involves removing the root tip and tissue when the infection becomes chronic. While the bone and tissue will heal over a few months, you can usually return to your routine the next day.
    • Replantation: This service is the last resort when your tooth is at its end, and a root canal cannot save it. If Dr. Marsheh believes your tooth is salvageable, he may suggest this option. However, this service is common for teeth that have been knocked out or torn out and your endodontist can take the tooth a surgically place it back into your jawbone.
  • Traumatic Dental Injuries
    The most common dental injuries we see are broken teeth, teeth removed from its sockets, and chipped teeth. Whenever life throws you curveballs, our endodontics team can help! If you’ve experienced a traumatic injury, call our office right away. We can help save your teeth from a variety of injuries including:

    • Chipped or fractured teeth
    • Dislodged teeth
    • Root fractures
‘‘The doctors and staff are very kind and professional and make me feel very comfortable when I am in their care.’’

- Josette F. (5-star Review)

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