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The Inside Scoop on Endodontics in Midtown New York

Endodontics: From the Greek = Endo- “inside” and odont- “tooth.”

What are Endodontics?

This advanced dental treatment concerns the study and treatment of dental pulp, which is found in your teeth. An endodontist is a specialist at saving teeth and uses modern techniques to help maintain your natural smile. The most common endodontic procedure are diagnosing tooth pain and root canal therapy.

Who would be my dentist?

To qualify as an endodontist, Dr. Marsheh completed two additional years of education and is one of only 3% of dentists to hold this role. Dr. Marsheh focuses on root canal therapy, retreatment, microsurgical endodontics, and traumatic injuries to teeth requiring endodontics. In short, your endodontist does it all!

Your Guide to Endodontic Care

The Cause | The Symptoms | The Treatment

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Why Might I Need Endodontics?

You may be referred to our endodontist if you have suffered a tooth injury, have extreme decay, or the pulp space inside your tooth is exposed to the outside, infecting the tissue.

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What Symptoms Does it Treat?

Our specialist will be able to treat common issues such as large cavities, a fractured tooth, or anything affecting the inside of your tooth (the pulp).

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What Happens During the Treatment?

Most endodontic treatments include a root canal with a more conservative approach. During this procedure, we remove diseased and dead nerve tissue to restore your tooth to life.

‘‘The doctors and staff are very kind and professional and make me feel very comfortable when I am there in their care.’’

- Josette F. (5-star Review)

Root Canal Therapy

Thanks to modern technology and our skilled specialist, repairing your teeth is now a breeze.

Image of Dr. Kantor-Goldenberg with a patient who is going to have a root canal using the latest technology.

Depending on the type of injury, level of infection, and previous treatment, your endodontist will provide one of the following procedures:

  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Endodontic Retreatment
  • Apicoectomy
  • Endodontic Surgery

The majority of cases result in a root canal. But what is involved? Let’s look at the treatment, step-by-step:

  • Diagnose the need for a root canal using the latest technology
  • Go inside the pulp space (canal) and remove the infected, dead tissue
  • The space is then disinfected and sealed with a special material
  • A crown is placed to safeguard the tooth

Using modern endodontics in New York provides a faster, less painful, and more comfortable treatment. It also produces reliable and satisfying results for our patients.

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