Your Midtown Dentist’s No Gag Alternative to Dental Impressions [short video]

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Do you have a sensitive gag reflex? Does it cause apprehension or fear of those gooey dental impressions? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. At Midtown Dental Excellence our skilled and caring dentists in Midtown Manhattan are pleased to offer a quick, convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional dental impressions.

Digital Dental Impressions: The Future of Dentistry

In the past, if you needed a dental crown, dentures or bridge, the only way to create an impression of your teeth involved biting down for several minutes on soft gooey material. Even if you didn’t have a sensitive gag reflex, the experience was suffocating, uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Thanks to the digital revolution, your NYC cosmetic dentists are proud to use only digital impressions using the iTero® intraoral scanner.

What are the Benefits of Digital Dental Impressions?

The iTero® digital impression system offers several benefits to conventional impression taking, such as:

1. Patient comfort

The gagging reaction common in so many patients is completely eliminated with the use of a camera that is moved around your teeth taking three-dimensional images of your teeth and gums. No more drooling or gagging!

2. Superior fit

The digital images captured by the scanner are perfect in every sense. With conventional impressions, we could only hope that a mold would be accurate enough for the lab to create a cast. An imperfect impression meant more adjustments or possibly repeating the impression procedure.

3. Time-saving

If the lab rejected an impression, a patient would need to schedule a repeat appointment to redo the entire impression process. The speed of taking digital impressions also results in a shorter appointment for the already busy patient.

Interesting in seeing how the intraoral scanner works and hearing from real patients?

How Do Digital Dental Impressions Work?

Watch this short video to hear patients talk about intraoral scanning with iTero®. The speed and comfort of this dental technology make the impression experience easy and nothing like the old days of messy goop and remakes.

Experience the Comfort of Digital Dental Impressions for Yourself

Your dental experts in Midtown Manhattan care about the comfort of their patients and are committed to providing the highest level of patient care using the most advanced technologies available. iTero® digital impression technology can be used for a variety of patient treatments, such as:

With significant benefits such as increased patient comfort, improved outcomes, and enhanced efficiency, iTero® helps us improve the quality of our work. Learn more about why patients choose Midtown Dental Excellence and book your appointment online or call us at 212-751-1333 today!

Have more questions about digital impressions? Leave us your questions below.

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    I’m having a terrible time getting my top impression done, just can’t do it. What is cost to come there and have a digital done? I’m getting partials 4 teeth top and 4 teeth bottom.

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